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Acura Auxiliary Fan Audi Auxiliary Fan BMW Auxiliary Fan
Acura Auxiliary Fan
Acura Cooling Fan
Acura Condenser Fan
Acura Radiator Fan
Audi Auxiliary Fan
Audi Cooling Fan
Audi Condenser Fan
Audi Radiator Fan
BMW Auxiliary Fan
BMW Cooling Fan
BMW Condenser Fan
BMW Radiator Fan
Honda Auxiliary Fan Hyundai Auxiliary Fan Infiniti Auxiliary Fan
Honda Auxiliary Fan
Honda Cooling Fan
Honda Condenser Fan
Honda Radiator Fan
Hyundai Auxiliary Fan
Hyundai Cooling Fan
Hyundai Condenser Fan
Hyundai Radiator Fan
Infiniti Auxiliary Fan
Infiniti Cooling Fan
Infiniti Condenser Fan
Infiniti Radiator Fan
Isuzu Auxiliary Fan Kia Auxiliary Fan Lexus Auxiliary Fan
Isuzu Auxiliary Fan
Isuzu Cooling Fan
Isuzu Condenser Fan
Isuzu Radiator Fan
Kia Auxiliary Fan
Kia Cooling Fan
Kia Condenser Fan
Kia Radiator Fan
Lexus Auxiliary Fan
Lexus Cooling Fan
Lexus Condenser Fan
Lexus Radiator Fan
Mazda Auxiliary Fan Mercedes Auxiliary Fan Mini Auxiliary Fan
Mazda Auxiliary Fan
Mazda Cooling Fan
Mazda Condenser Fan
Mazda Radiator Fan
Mercedes Auxiliary Fan
Mercedes Cooling Fan
Mercedes Condenser Fan
Mercedes Radiator Fan
Mini Auxiliary Fan
Mini Cooling Fan
Mini Condenser Fan
Mini Radiator Fan
Mitsubishi Auxiliary Fan Nissan Auxiliary Fan Subaru Auxiliary Fan
Mitsubishi Auxiliary Fan
Mitsubishi Cooling Fan
Mitsubishi Condenser Fan
Mitsubishi Radiator Fan
Nissan Auxiliary Fan
Nissan Cooling Fan
Nissan Condenser Fan
Nissan Radiator Fan
Subaru Auxiliary Fan
Subaru Cooling Fan
Subaru Condenser Fan
Subaru Radiator Fan
Suzuki Auxiliary Fan Toyota Auxiliary Fan Volkswagen Auxiliary Fan
Suzuki Auxiliary Fan
Suzuki Cooling Fan
Suzuki Condenser Fan
Suzuki Radiator Fan
Toyota Auxiliary Fan
Toyota Cooling Fan
Toyota Condenser Fan
Toyota Radiator Fan
Volkswagen Auxiliary Fan
Volkswagen Cooling Fan
Volkswagen Condenser Fan
Volkswagen Radiator Fan
Volvo Auxiliary Fan
Volvo Auxiliary Fan
Volvo Cooling Fan
Volvo Condenser Fan
Volvo Radiator Fan

Importec offers a line of easy-to-install auxiliary fan assembly units covering many popular import Asian and European vehicle applications, for vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi and more. By combining fan, shroud, and motor in a unitized auxiliary fan replacement unit, Importec's cooling fan assemblies offer a balanced and efficient repair, which saves labor time and improves repair cycle time. Every assembly is built with brand new components with OE-comparable design details and performance efficiency. Excellent quality auxilliary fan units for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi, etc at incredible prices.

  1. Designs are comparable to OE configuration and appearance
  2. Performance tested to meet or exceed strict standard specifications
  3. No assembly labour required on units that include the shroud
  4. Drop in for entire fit assembly - reduces labour cost
  5. Performance and fit tested prior to market release
  6. All cooling fan assemblies are new and not rebuilt
  7. Geometrically designed OE-like blades for optimal circulation and uniform balance for better results
  8. OE-like shrouds to ensure structural integrity and endurance for maximum performance
  9. Large warehouse inventory
  10. Limited lifetime warranty
  11. Highly competitive pricing

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