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We stock a huge selection of quality blower motors for all makes and models of Asian and European vehicles such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mazda, Lexus, Nissan Audi, BMW blower motors, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Porsche and more.
Our range of blower motors are built to OEM specifications and include the OEM style connectors. Some of our European vehicle Bosch blower motors, the "motor only" without the fan blade (squirrel cage) is available - this does involve removing your old fans from your old unit and installing them onto your new "motor only" unit.
Our range of blower motors for Asian vehicles are a high quality, unitized Blower Assembly which consist of a new, application-specific motor and wheel, with OE-comparable connector for consistent hassle-free installation. Wide application coverage (including late-model vehicles).
The blower motor is usually located under the dash, or in some cases in a housing compartment against the firewall (under the hood against the windshield). The blower motor or sometimes referred to as a heater motor or ac motor, blows hot or cold air into the cabin. Most vehicles manufactured today have cabin filters installed which filter the air before it reaches the blower motor - this eliminates odors and dust particles from entering the cabin. It is important to change the cabin filters regularly, because if air is restricted from circulating into the blower motor compartment from a dirty clogged up cabin filter, this will cause the blower motor and other components such as a blower regulator, blower resistor or ac final stage unit to overheat and this will be an expensive repair, which could have been avoided by replacing the cabin filter/s.
E Class (W210) Mercedes Blower Motor Regulator - If the regulator fails, which is usually due to overheating, the blower motor fan will not operate faster than +- 50% power. Mercedes updated the regulator to improve its reliability, but the redesigned regulator requires the installation of a new blower motor, regulator and mounting bracket - usually a set back of anywhere from $500.00 to $800.00 in parts. The old-style regulator is only compatible with the old style blower motor, and is no longer manufactured. The blower motor regulator may be replaced with the much less expensive W140 S-class blower regulator, provided that the E-class wiring harness is re-attached to the S-class regulator.