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Accumulator Air Cell Lug Nut Tire Pressure Monotoring Sensor TPMS
Lug Nut
Tire Pressure Monotoring Sensor
Shock Absorber / Strut Suspension Air Bag Suspension Compressor Pump
Shock Absorber
Suspension Air Bag
Suspension Air Bellow
Suspension Pump
Suspension Compressor
Wheel Bearing Ball Joint Control Arm
Wheel Bearing
Ball Joint
Control Arm
Control Arm Bushing
Control Arm Bushing
Control Arm Bushings
Suspension - shock absorber, strut, thrust arm, upper and lower control arm, wheel bearing kit, axle shaft, ball joint, strut mount, control arm, strut bellow,  bushing, sub frame bushing, guide rod Mount, castor arm bushing, wheel bearing, wheel seal, wheel hub, spindle, sway bar link and more.Quality brand name suspension parts for import vehicles. Our range of suspension parts includes quality brand name parts such as  shock absorbers, struts, thrust arms, control arms, wheel bearing kits, axle shafts, ball joints, strut mounts and much more. We also stock small parts to complete your suspension repair job, such as control arm bushing kits, guide rod mounts, sway bar links, sub-frame bushing kits, stabilizer bushing kits, suspension fluid and more. Our struts and shock absorbers are by quality replacement brand manufacturers such as Bilstein, Sachs Boge, and our control arms, bushing kits, wheel bearing kits, hydraulic suspension fluid are by manufacturers such as Lemfoerder, Moog, Febi, Meyle and SKF. We offer a large selection of new and remanufactured axle shafts. Importec - your one stop non stop import auto suspension shop.We stock suspension parts for most Asian and European vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Saab, Audi, Porsche, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus and more. Check out our comprehensive suspension online catalog at: 
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