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Volvo Window Regulator
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Volvo Window Regulators:

Quality Volvo window regulators for many Volvo models. We stock a large selection of Volvo windopw regulators in quality aftermarket, OEM and genuine. Volvo window regulators are supplied without and in some applications without the motor. Later Volvo model window regulators are cable driven regulators, that are controlled by a motor which drives the window glass up and down when the window switch is pressed. The old style scissor mechanism window regulators would usually  wear the teeth out on the mechanism and the motor gear would not be able to drive the window regulator as the teeth were worn down. A common problem on the newer style Volvo cable driven window regulators, is the window regulator cable will skip the groove on the pulley and jam up We have now added Volvo window regulators and Volvo window motors to our range, so please keep checking back for new items.