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Drivers or passenger? - Left or right?
  On U.S. manufactured vehicles or any left hand drive vehicles - LEFT is DRIVERS side and RIGHT is PASSENGER side, so for example a left side headlight or left side brake disc would be installed on the drivers side of the vehicle and a right side mirror would be for the passenger side of the vehicle. For right hand drive vehicles, which are considered an import or graymarket vehicle in the U.S., certain parts are adapted and only applicable to a right hand drive vehicles, and not manufactured for U.S. spec vehicles - international customers would have to determine this before placing an order.
How do I find my VIN or Eng #?
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is usually found on a tag/plate/sticker attached to the drivers door post of your vehicle. Since 1981 the U.S. Department of Transportation set a standard that all road vehicles contain a 17 digit VIN. An example of a Mercedes Benz VIN would be something like this : WDBGA42E6NA081812 or the Chassis number would be 1400421A081812.
The chassis prefix or first six digit of the chassis number is what series the vehicle belongs to - so the above vehicle would be a W140.042 series Mercedes-Benz, but the prefix is not used to determine parts, that have a VIN break or split - this is always determined the the last six or seven digits, as explained next.
When we require your VIN on one of our online catalogs, we usually require the last six or seven digit of the VIN/Chassis number which as above have the same last seven digits - A081812.
If our online catalog states a part on a 1995 Mercedes Benz S420 -(Chassis Prefix - first six digits - 140.042) fits up to VIN A007125 then the part would fit the above vehicle/VIN application, as the last seven digits are up to that VIN break. If the part on the catalog fits from VIN A127564, then the part would be incorrect for the above vehicle/VIN, as A127564 is past the A081812. If the part listed fitted from VIN from B425128, then again the above part would not be correct, as A081812 is below B425128. 
Same applies to engine numbers - it is usually the last six of your engine number that the part will either fit up to or from the specified engine break. Engine numbers are a lot harder to find, as they are usually stamped somewhere on the engine block, and covered with grease or oil, and most times impossible to see or find. 
If you need assistance with a part that requires a VIN or engine number, please email us at - please have or provide us with your VIN or engine number at that time.
Part Availability?
Is the part in stock? Yes, if the item shows to be available online, then most of the time the item is available. If for some reason the stock count is incorrect and the part is not available we will notify you by email or calling you.
I tried to change the quantity from 1 to 2, but it will not allow me to update the change - does this mean you only have one available? No, the inventory defaults to multiple warehouses across the U.S., so if it is not allowing you to update a quantity, you can call us to check if there are more available, or you can make a note in the comments of the checkout form to "Adjust quantity of item # 1234567890 from 3 to 4, and if 4 not available, call me at 555-555-5555 or cancel the order"
I live in ---------------- do you have the part/s in your -------------- distribution center? We have three online catalogs, and each online catalog has the ability to ship out of multiple U.S. distribution centers. We always try to ship the part from the closest warehouse to you, but unfortunately the item or orders with multiple items are not always available in the closest warehouse, which results in the order shipping from the next closest warehouse, and so on; or in some cases, the order is shipped from multiple warehouse locations.
I am an international customer - can you ship the part out today / next day? No, all international orders take 1-5 business days to process. All orders are shipped from our Dallas location, and not all the parts are not always available in this location, and will have to be sourced from another location. Once the order is complete we can only mail it USPS Priority or Express Mail. We do not offer next or second day air shipping on international orders at this time.
Product quantities?
Throughout our online catalogs, all prices quoted are per each, unless otherwise stated, such as set. Brake rotors/discs are priced per each, so if you require two (one for each front wheel), a quantity of two would have to be ordered. Same thing on the rear rotors. The pads however, as stated are sold per set, so one set of pads would be required  for the front two wheels and one set for the rear two wheels. All other brake related items such as brake sensors, hoses etc are priced and sold individually, unless otherwise stated. Motor mount or other parts that state "left/right" in the notes means that the part will fit the left or right side, but again if you need two mounts, two will need to be ordered.
Many of our images show two of the same item in the picture - this does not mean the price is for the quantity shown in the image. Images with multiple shots of the same part, merely allow the consumer to see the part from various angles/views. Unless it says that the part is a set in the description (eg. Brake Pad Set), the price quoted is per each. All parts including shocks, struts etc are priced individually, unless otherwise stated. If still not sure, feel free to call us.
What does Left/Right mean in the notes?

Left/Right in the notes section refers to parts such as motor mounts, engine shocks - means that the part, such as the engine mount is the same (interchangeable) mount for either the left (Drivers) side and right (Passenger) side.

What does the abbreviation OEM mean?
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer - refers to the original manufacturer of original parts - for example - a Hella headlight or Bosch air mass meter - Bosch & Hella are original equipment manufacturers for many car manufacturers. OEM suppliers include brands such as Balo, Brembo, Bilstein, Bosch, Eberspacher, Elring, Goetze, INA, Pagid, Lemforder, Hella, Reinz, Textar, Etc and many many more. A car manufacturer can alter OEM brands at any time - As an example - Pagid brake pads can be OEM on a certain vehicle model for x amount of years, but the car manufacturer can at their descretion  change the OEM vendor to Textar at anytime.