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Audi Air Pump / BMW Secondary Air Pump
The Audi secondary air pump activates when the car is started for approximately 90 seconds. It injects air (oxygen) into the exhaust gases to allow any unburnt hydrocarbons to have sufficient oxygen to burn off, and to help the O2 sensors heat faster. Automatic monitoring is carried out to ensure that the secondary air system is functioning correctly. For this purpose, operation of the secondary air injection and of the shut-off and air switch-over valves must be monitored each time they are activated. The secondary air injection serves as an exhaust gas treatment during the engine warm-up phase. For this purpose, fresh air is injected directly into the exhaust manifold to ensure the catalytic converter heats up at a faster rate.
Depending on the exhaust requirement, the air volume blown into the secondary air system is measured by means of the secondary hot-film air-mass sensor. Shortly after the engine is started, the secondary air pump is activated by the SLP relay. The time until it is switched on is dependent on the following fringe conditions:
- Engine temperature
- Load signal
- Engine speed
Monitoring principle

The oxygen sensor voltage is monitored in the engine control module during activation of the BMW secondary air pump. During problem-free operation of the secondary air system, the oxygen sensor voltage is primarily in the lean range. At regular intervals (every 20 ms), the oxygen sensor voltage is registered within the control module. Each measurement in which the oxygen sensor voltage is registered as being in the lean range is counted by an internal counter. If this count exceeds a predefined threshold, the system is recognized as being fully operational. If this threshold is not reached the engine control module assumes there is a fault in the secondary air system. An entry is made in the fault memory.

Audi Secondary Air Injection Pumps Info:

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