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Center Support Flex Joint

A driveshaft (a.k.a. a prop-shaft or propeller shaft) usually is a long shaft that runs from the transmission to the differential. At the ends of the driveshaft is a rubber flex disc / flex coupling, and in the center is a u-joint or a carrier bearing / carrier bearing center support. The driveshaft delivers rotational power of the engine to the transmission - differential and then to the transaxle (aka. an axle shaft or half shaft) which turn the rear wheels on a rear wheel drive vehicle. On Four Wheel Drive (F.W.D.) vehicles or a.k.a. All Wheel Drive (A.W.D.) the engine and axles are separated from each other, and the engine in conjunction with the vehicles longer driveshaft is used to send power to the vehicles front and rear axles. The slip in tube driveshaft, also known as a collapsible driveshaft, is the new type of driveshaft which would compress if a vehicle were involved in a collision. At this time we do not stock driveshafts. We do stock the more common replacement, wear and trear items such as a flex disc, carrier bearing, carrier support, left and right axle shaft for all makes and models which include - Asian and European models - Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi Volkswagen Toyota and more.